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As an architect, builder, or garage door dealer, you need a garage door supply service that’s knowledgeable, professional and courteous, offering everything you need under one roof.  At Eastern Door Supply we provide superior garage door supply services:

Large In-House Stock

We have a large in-house stock of various garage door sizes, custom sizes and designs available for prompt delivery.

Exclusive Northwest Door Distributor

You can only get Northwest Door products through Eastern door Supply.  We’re the exclusive distributor for Northwest Door garage door systems and products.  Northwest Door carries the highest quality garage door systems and products on the west coast.

Shop Drawings

As an architect, dimension reviews are crucial to your architectural plans.  We’ll provide shop drawings for your garage door systems, giving you a the tools to make sure your dimensions are always accurate.

LiftMaster Services

The best garage door systems need the best garage door openers.
We carry a full line of LiftMaster Door openers.  The Standby Power System of the LiftMaster 3850 allows it to work during a power failure.  The LiftMaster 3595 has maximum lifting capacity and provides super-quiet operation.  Need a garage door system for your commercial clients?  The LiftMaster 2365 provides industrial strength for reliable operation.

Fast Delivery

Our quick and efficient delivery allows you to provide excellent customer service and complete your projects on schedule.

Design Assistance

Your residential customers want a home with strong curb appeal.  And your commercial customers need a professional look.  We provide design assistance to help you choose the right color, look, design and style of your garage door system.  This service saves you time and energy.

Ask your Garage Door Specialist about details.

Free Consultation

You want the best garage door systems and products for your customers.  We’ll advise you on which colors, designs and styles will work best for your residential and commercial garage door systems.  We offer free consultation and advice for your garage door systems and products.

Contact your Garage Door Supplier today at info@easterndoorsupply.com.

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